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Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School is an integrated area school with a special character, Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education. We have a total roll of over 350 students who range in age from those in our Early Childhood Centre/Kindergarten, to students in our Lower School Classes 1 to 7 (Yrs. 2 to 8) and in the Upper School Classes 8 to12 (Yrs. 9 to 13). We also have one class for Special Needs students. Our vision at Raphael House is to instill integrity, create inner freedom and awaken moral and social responsibility in our students. 

Panui Term 2 Week 7

Lena and Lucy's Polar Bear

Tēnā koutou e ngā whānau o te kura Raphael House

All of the seasons offer their gifts. With winter comes darkness and cold. Isn’t it wonderful that through this outer darkness and cold we have a heightened experience the light that shines within us and the warmth that comes from being together with others in community. In the reflective mood that belongs to this dark, cold time of the year we can look back with gratitude on the year past, live deeply into the festivities of the present and look forward to a year full of hope and promise. The pre-dawn rising of the star cluster Matariki has traditionally marked the time to celebrate these things.

Last Friday I attended the most beautiful Kindergarten Matariki Festival. Being not just dark and cold but also wet, the celebration was held indoors, in a magically lit Eurythmy room.

It was a real joy for me to witness the looks of wonder on the childrens’ faces as they entered the room carrying their lanterns and singing their Matariki songs. My thanks to all the teachers, assistants, parents and caregivers who worked hard and creatively to make this a very special occasion.

As I write this panui I am filled with anticipation for our school Matariki Festival this evening.

Today we were greeted with a stunningly beautiful morning as the sun rose over the mist hanging in the valley – I’m expecting a similarly beautiful dusk and night sky this evening. The lanterns being created throughout the school for the occasion are incredible, as you can see from some of the Class 7 projects pictured.

Many of you know about our Raphael House Journey Folder, while some of you who are new to our school will not. The Journey Folder is a ring binder with colourful inserts which describe our rich Waldorf curriculum in pictures and words, all the way from Kindergarten to Class 12. The idea is that samples of your child’s work, their achievements, reports and class photos are added to the folder year by year to build a rich picture of their educational journey through the school. Below is a picture of one of the lovingly created folder inserts.

I have just been flicking through my two daughters’ journey folders - what a pleasure it is to be able to look back on their journey and experience their development through the art and written work they created along the way. I encourage you to build up these folders with the help of the teachers, so they become a treasure for you and your children in later years.

Kindergarten parents were given their Journey Folders at the recent parent/teacher interviews and the folders are now available for new students from the School Office. Parents who already have the ring binder will be mailed the appropriate inserts during the coming holidays. Katie Musk will be taking on the big job of sorting and mailing and would be delighted to have some volunteer help with this during the first week of the holidays. Please contact Katie on 569 5161 or at katie.m@raphaelhouse.school.nz if you would like to lend a hand.  Also, please contact Katie after the holidays if you have not received the inserts or have any questions about the folders. 

As usual, our students have been out and about doing and all sorts of exciting things. Last week Class 5 had a ‘best ever’ (Tanya’s words), trip to the Bait House Aquarium in Island Bay. On 22 May our Civil Defence Team participated in the Hutt Valley Schools Civil Defence Competition and won first prize, with Sacha Humphries gaining the award for the best team leader. Congratulations to all of the students and big thanks to Monica Brice Clare Plunkett and Karen Baucke, who have assisted the team with transport and to Stefan Fricke for his strong, enthusiastic and consistent support of the team. Two of our Class 10 girls, Georgina Dodge and Saci Jasper, recently gained a place on a week-long residential technology and innovation programme for young woman in the Wellington region, called ‘Innovative Young Minds’. This is a wonderful opportunity – we look forward to hearing about their experiences after the holidays.

As this is the last Bush Telegraph for the term it only remains for me to thanks you all for everything you do to support the school and each other in such a fine way. My warmest wishes for a great holiday break!

Noho ora mai nā, David Stephenson, Principal

Class 11 Talent Show 2017

Hi all

Please find the link below to the live streaming Class 11 Talent Show event.

It is bound to be both inspirational and entertaining!



Waldorf-Centennial is Coming!

1919 the first Waldorf School was founded in Stuttgart - today this pedagogy has become a worldwide impulse with more than 1,100 Waldorf or Waldorf inspired schools and 2,000 Kindergartens in 80 countries, all of which honor the freedom of the individual as starting-point and aim of their pedagogical work.

The forecoming conetennial offers a wonderful chance to further develop this impulse for our century in a global exchange.  Waldorf-pedagogy depends much less on traditional forms than on the mutual pedagogical ethos which evolves ever new out of the work with the developing human being.  Working on the Sudey of Man, on deepening the awareness of the children and on projects which involve the whole school such as bee-keeping or tree-planting can prove to be a very helpful starting point for this big task.

Waldorf100 was inititated by the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education and aims at strengthening the awareness, cooperation and support for and of each other.  Initiatives throughout the world build a greater whole together.

Please click on the link below for more information about the upcoming film celebrating this event:

Youtube link

Michaelmas Apple Bobbing
Harvest Table
Michaelmas Archery

2017 Term Dates

Term 1:  1 Feb - 13 April

Term 2:  1 May - 7 July

Term 3:  24 July - 29 Sept

Term 4:  16 Oct - 13 Dec