Welcome to the Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School

Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School is an integrated area school with a special character, namely Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education, with a total roll of over 310 students ranging from age 4 (in the Early Childhood Centre/Kindergarten- 3 Kindergarten Groups), students in the Lower School Classes 1 - 7 (Yrs 2 - 8) and in the Upper School Classes 8 - 12 (Yrs 9 - 13). We also have one class for Special Needs students.


One of the treats of Easter is decorating eggs. No one knows exactly when the custom of giving eggs began. For us, the gift of eggs at Easter celebrates new life, friendship and love. Long ago people gave gifts of eggs carved from wood or precious stones but the oldest tradition seems to be one of dyed and painted chicken eggs. 

At Raphael House our brilliant Parent, Teacher and Friends Association help us to observe the rhythms of the year and celebrate our festivals. Gathering friends and whānau together to paint eggs is a perfect example of their work within our community, and what we are all doing at Raphael House to take joy into our world.

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23 April - 23 May

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Term Dates

Term 1: 3 Feb - 17 Apr

Term 2: 5 May - 4 Jul

Term 3: 21 Jul - 26 Sep

Term 4: 13 Oct - 18 Dec