2017 Class 12 Project Presentation

Please join the live stream of this years Class 12 Project Presentations.

The event starts at 9.30am Saturday 16 September:


Board of Trustees Meeting

The next Board of Trustees meeting 19 March - 7pm in the Raphael Class - all welcome.  

Welcome to the Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School

Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School is an integrated area school with a special character, Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education. We have a total roll of over 350 students who range in age from those in our Early Childhood Centre/Kindergarten, to students in our Lower School Classes 1 to 7 (Yrs. 2 to 8) and in the Upper School Classes 8 to12 (Yrs. 9 to 13). We also have one class for Special Needs students. Our vision at Raphael House is to instill integrity, create inner freedom and awaken moral and social responsibility in our students. 

Panui Term 1 Week 4

Kia ora koutou kura whanau, 

Watching the kindergarten children play yesterday with the sun shining down I couldn’t believe it is just week 4 of Term 1!  All the new Kindergarten children have settled in so well into their new rooms and made new friends so easily that it is hard to tell the sun and star children apart. The reverence with which each child is received in their room and the detailed planning the Kindergarten teachers do before the start of the Term is clearly the force behind this magical transition.

Our new rhythm in the Kindergarten with all the children staying on until 2:45pm has been very well received by the tamariki. The longer stretch of play led by children inside and outside is giving the children the big out breath and is bringing them in ready for circle, lunch, ”cushion time”, and story. 

Yummy lunch is being prepared by the Kindergarten team three days a week and multigrain crackers have joined the fruit platters for morning tea to provide the energy needed to sustain the play our tamariki need to focus on. 

The children are getting really comfortable with the rhythm of cushion time as a deeply relaxing time to give their bodies a rest by closing their eyes for calming meditation and music, a much needed power recharge before engaging in the second round of afternoon play. 


Friday forest days are another example of how quickly the star children have adapted to the rather challenging uphill walk and the physically demanding play of the pine forest. Even our pine forest play has been extended to include lunch in the forest and a rest time on mats with story and music. 

Our Kindergarten children love collecting treasures in the forest and bringing them back with them and also need a bag to transport their lunch boxes and drink bottles and essential whittling tools (vege peelers). Our Friday team of teachers have been busy sourcing coffee sacks from friends and we now have a stash ready to be stitched into foraging bags. If you are skilled in the art of stitching bags or would like to learn, please get in touch with me; you don’t have to be a current Kindergarten parent to take part in this sewing project for our tamariki. 

We also need volunteers to help tidy up our Kai Mara (food garden) area near the old office building. Please leave your name with Katie Musk at the office if you are interested in being part of the food garden group with your contact details and availability (days and time), we will soon have a jobs list that you can tick off and help with as you wait for your child to come down from the zig zag at the end of the school day or a short spell of de-weeding if you can spare the time after dropping off children in the morning would be wonderful too. 

He waka eke noa 

We are all in this together

Juvena Jalal

Kindergarten Manager



Class 11 Talent Show 2017

Hi all

Please find the link below to the live streaming Class 11 Talent Show event.

It is bound to be both inspirational and entertaining!



Waldorf-Centennial is Coming!

1919 the first Waldorf School was founded in Stuttgart - today this pedagogy has become a worldwide impulse with more than 1,100 Waldorf or Waldorf inspired schools and 2,000 Kindergartens in 80 countries, all of which honor the freedom of the individual as starting-point and aim of their pedagogical work.

The forecoming conetennial offers a wonderful chance to further develop this impulse for our century in a global exchange.  Waldorf-pedagogy depends much less on traditional forms than on the mutual pedagogical ethos which evolves ever new out of the work with the developing human being.  Working on the Sudey of Man, on deepening the awareness of the children and on projects which involve the whole school such as bee-keeping or tree-planting can prove to be a very helpful starting point for this big task.

Waldorf100 was inititated by the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education and aims at strengthening the awareness, cooperation and support for and of each other.  Initiatives throughout the world build a greater whole together.

Please click on the link below for more information about the upcoming film celebrating this event:

Youtube link

Michaelmas Apple Bobbing
Harvest Table
Michaelmas Archery

2018 Term Dates

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