Civil Defence Procedures

Health and safety within our school community is the concern of everyone. We certainly can't prevent disasters but we can all take simple steps to reduce the impact, and be better prepared to recover quickly.

During the initial stages of an emergency we will need to take some initial actions to look after ourselves, because the emergency services may not be able to respond for some hours during the initial stages of a civil defence emergency.


Our Civil Defence Handbook 



At Raphael House in the event of an emergency:

  • Students will gather with staff at designated assembly points in an evacuation
  • A roll is taken immediately after an event such as a fire or earthquake. Key staff sweep the site for any unaccounted children and adults
  • A decision will be made on whether to close the school and parents and caregivers will be informed
  • If possible a text will be sent out using the school texting system
  • If possible the website will be updated with information
  • If possible an email will be sent out to all parents and caregivers
  • We will use Network ZB radio station for announcements (89.3FM and 1035AM)
  • A collection point will be set up on our site where parents / caregivers will wait. No one who was offsite at the time of the emergency will be allowed onsite to look for students in their care. This is for everyone’s safety, both in terms of negotiating potential hazards and managing people in a disaster situation.
  • Students will only be released to parents and caregivers named on the students Civil Defence form.