Bank Accounts

If you are setting up direct credits, automatic payments or internet banking please check that you are using the correct bank account. Also, please use your family number as a reference so we can correctly credit your account.

Board of Trustees

School and Kindergarten donation:

Westpac Lower Hutt: 03-0531-0432785-05

Sports fees, ID cards, Swimming, New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education etc:

Westpac Lower Hutt: 03-0531-0432785-04

Proprietors Trust

Attendance Dues and Kindergarten fees:

ANZ Wellington: 06-0229-0314008-03

Proprietors and Scholarship Donation:

ANZ Wellington: 06-0229-0314008-00

Wellington School Bus:

Westpac Lower Hutt: 03-0531-0379910-02