Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision - MOEMOEĀ

Instilling integrity, creating inner freedom and awakening moral and social responsibility in our students.

Mission Statement - KUPU TAUĀKĪ

To help each and every student progress towards becoming a free, responsible and caring individual able to impart purpose and direction in his or her own life and as a citizen able to contribute in manifold as well as unique ways to human society

Values - NGĀ UARA

  • Excellence – Kairangitanga: by aiming high, persevering and having the courage to push through challenges
  • Innovation – Auahatanga: inquiry and curiosity - by thinking critically, creatively and reflectively
  • Diversity – Kotahitanga: acceptance of different cultures, languages, learning needs and ways of thinking
  • Equity – Ture: through fairness and social justice
  • Community and Participation – Hapori: having impulse to take action and contribute to the well-being of individuals and wider society.
  • Ecological Sustainability – Kaitiakitanga: a sense of connection with, and care for, community and the environment
  • Integrity - Tika, Pono: by being honest, responsible, accountable and acting ethically
  • Respect – Mana: hauora, care for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health both of self and others.

Our Charter 2016