Bus Behaviour

The following behaviour is expected of students using buses to help make sure the bus is a safe place for everyone:

·         Seated passengers sit down straight away and remain in their seats for the whole journey.

·         Standing passengers stay behind the driver at all times, stand quietly, and do not push or move around the bus.

·         Passengers do not eat or drink on the bus.

·         Passengers do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.

·         Passengers use socially acceptable language when talking to the driver and/or other students, and speak quietly so they do not distract the driver nor disturb other students.

·         Passengers respect the Bus Operator’s property at all times (e.g. refrain from standing on seats or vandalising the bus in any way).

·         Passengers do not harass, bully, or abuse other passengers or the driver in any way, whether verbal or physical.

·         Passengers respect other’s property and do not interfere with it in any way.

·         Passengers listen to and follow the requirements and instructions of the bus driver and the teacher/s on duty at all times.

·         Passengers do not engage in any behaviour that could put other passengers, the driver, or themselves at risk.


If you have any questions or need to report something, please email: busliaison@raphaelhouse.school.nz