Wellington - Petone - Lower Hutt Bus

The Wellington bus is a parent organised charter service.  This charter is essentially between the Wellington parents and the bus company 

Wellington Bus Management

The Wellington bus service is operated by a group of user parents (the Parent Bus Group).  Any queries or concerns relating to the Wellington bus service should be addressed to and dealt with by the Parent Bus Group.  That group is responsible for the management of the service.  This includes issues regarding driver behaviour, the bus route, timetabling, student behaviour etc. 

The Parent Bus Group is contactable by emailing rh.parentbusgroup@gmail.com.

The Trust is helping with some of the administration of finances and the school may (via the teaching staff and the Bus Liaison, busliaison@raphaelhouse.school.nz), upon request by the Parent Bus Group, help with student behaviour issues. 


Continuation of the Wellington Bus Service

It is important to note that a functional and well supported Parent Bus Group is essential for the continuation of this service – as has been the case with the Kapiti bus for a number of years.  If the parents whose children use the buses cannot support and maintain the Group, the service will not be able to continue.  Neither the Trust nor the Board nor school management have the resource or time to manage buses. We need to attend to core business as our priority.

Please feel empowered to step forward to make this bus service work for you.



All those who are yet to make a deposit of their fees, please do so as soon as possible. This is crucial to keep the bus service up and running. You can pay at the Office, or online to the Trust bank account: 03-0531-0379910-002. Please remember to use your family number as a reference.


Behaviour on the Bus

    1. Bus Driver : We have discussed in detail with NZ Bus, the code of conduct for the bus driver and will continue discussions and interactions on an on going basis.
    2. Students : Over the next week members of the school staff and the Bus committee will meet to discuss and instill guidelines for behaviour on the bus. Please understand that these guidelines will be rather stringent and will be enforced is the best possible manner for all concerned. This is deemed necessary to ensure that all children are able to avail of the service.


Route and times to and from School

To School :: Start @ 8:15
Wellington Station – Platform 9, L-Waterloo Quay, Aotea Quay, R-SH1 Wellington Urban Motorway,
SH2 Hutt Road, SH2 Petone Off-Ramp, L-Hutt Road,
Petone Station, Stop B, Hutt Road, R-Railway
Avenue, Ewen Bridge, L-Queens Drive, Lower Hutt
– Queensgate, Stop A, Queens Drive, R-Rutherford
Street, L-Melling Link, Melling Bridge, R-SH2
Western Hutt Road, L-Tirohanga Road, R-Matuhi
Street, Raphael House – Rudolf Steiner School - Reach @ 8:50

From School : Start @ 15:10
Raphael House – Rudolf Steiner School, R-Matuhi Street, L-Tirohanga Road, R-SH2 Western Hutt Road, Melling Bridge, Melling Link, R-Rutherford Street, L-
Queens Drive, L-Bunny Street, Lower Hutt -
Queensgate, Stop C, R-Knights Road, L-Queens
Drive, R-Ewen Bridge, L-Victoria Street, Cuba Street,
R-Jackson Street, Jackson Street at Kathmandu
(Petone Station), L-Hutt Road, R-SH2 Petone On-
Ramp, SH2 Hutt Road, SH1 Wellington Urban
Motorway, L-Aotea Quay, Waterloo Quay, R-
Wellington Station – Platform 9 - Reach @ 15:50